The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 22 – From Hither And Thither

by Richard Bruton

Time again for the Comicon Advent Calendar, and today we’re gathering together odds and beautiful ends that we’ve seen this festive season or things we just hadn’t got the space to fit in…

Disney studios Christmas card – 1930. Art by Floyd Gottfredson

Kris Anka

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell – Krampus

And from John Cullen – Krampuss

Captain Britain – Alan Davis & Paul Neary – After-Image #6, 1988

Merry Christmas from PJ Holden

Hunt Emerson – first his Christmas Card…

And then the great Hunt Emerson cover to “the latest, Christmas edition of the Goon Show Preservation Society’s newsletter, with my cover drawing! Ding dong billy bong!”

Lew Stringer‘s Christmas Tom Thug for Buster 1991 –

Gasoline Alley by Frank King from December 18, 1921.

Graham Johnson is one of those artists I loved back when he made some stunning self-published comics – but really wish that he’d put out more comics, although he’s mostly working elsewhere now. However, he did do these brilliant Drunk Santa Christmas Cards.


Jonathan Edwards from way back in 2014 – Deleted scene from A Christmas Carol – the Ghost of Christmas Pudding

Gary Spencer Millidge (he of the stunning Strangehaven) is always good for something seasonal – like all of these

And finally…

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas movie now… so here’s Edward Ross‘ excellent Filmish look at Die Hard

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