Liam Sharp’s Love Letter To ‘Deaths Head II’

by Richard Bruton

To celebrate 30 years since his creation of Deaths Head II, Liam Sharp has put together a wonderful 2-page tribute:

Since Deaths Head II came out from Marvel UK in 1992, Sharp’s career has been a long and glorious thing, including work on Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the recent Batman: Reptilian for DC. But he’s obviously got a soft spot for his co-creation, with the new 2-pager featuring Deaths Head and his companion, Tuck, along with the Hulk, Wolverine, Man-Thing, and half of the FF.


Deaths Head II was one of the big breakout hits at Marvel UK in the 90s. Written by Dan Abnett, with art from Sharp, inks from Andy Lanning, colours from Helen Stone, that first DHII mini-series sold in big numbers – although surprisingly it’s never been collected by Marvel. Maybe someday, eh?

As for the 2-pager, that will be collected, with Sharp intending to include it in Encore: Silver, the second of his trilogy of books collecting his work. That will be coming to Kickstarter later in 2022 and follows the hugely successful campaign for Encore: Gold in 2021. He’s also currently hard at work on his next creation, the comic Starhenge, due out from Image Comics when it’s done and on Kickstarter too.

Now,  that 2-pager for you to enjoy:


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