Celebrate 77 Days Of ‘Seven Knights 2’ With Latest Event

by Gary Catig

Seven Knights 2 is celebrating the peculiar milestone of 77 days since it’s international launch with the appropriately named “77 Festival.” The event takes place from now until February 16 and will have a variety of activities.

Players can earn high grade rewards and take part in missions throughout the week to achieve the final reward, the Legendary Hero Selection Ticket. During the seven-day period, fans will also have the chance to win heroes and collect Legendary Equipment, Pet Summon Tickets and various rubies, among other items.

In addition, the Legendary Hero ‘Vindictive Blade Aquila’ can be acquired for the first time. The unique Vindictive Blade Aquila hero is a first support class legendary hero and possesses distinguishable strengths based on its positioning. By strategically placing the hero, it is can support allies and provide buffs to certain allies in the Arena. Players can participate in a Growth Support and Draw Rate Up Events now through February 4 to earn Aquila’s Soulstones and other items as well.

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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