Kickstarting Comics: ‘Gravestown’ #2 – More Spooky Fantasy From Roger Gibson and Vince Danks

by Richard Bruton

After launching Gravestown with issue 1 in 2021, Roger Gibson and Vince Danks now have the next issue of the thrilling fantasy horror tale available for your pledge at Kickstarter.

A bit of a no-brainer this, seeing as Roger Gibson and Vince Dank‘s Harker is right up there as one of the best cop procedural comics ever and the first issue of Gravestown was a sure-fire hit for me, where I had this to say about it…

“The new horror fantasy from the creators of Harker, Gravestown by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks does a magnificent job of setting up something creepy, and weird, and very strange. A perfect first issue that builds up the tension and reveals just enough to entice you in, perfectly paced, great dialogue, and Danks’ art just looks stunning on every page.” – Me on Gravestown #1.

In Gravestown issue 2, you can expect thrills and chills, all coming off the events of that first issue, where our heroine, Emma, found herself transported from a spooky night-time party in a supposedly haunted house through to … somewhere very different.

Now she’s having to cope with the fact that she’s lost in this weird and strange, and potentially horrific fantasy land of monsters. All she wants to do is get back to where she came from, but that’s not going to be that easy at all.


It’s full of fantasy and horror delights, vampires, faeries, UFOs, ghosts, zombies, and a hell of a lot more, all stunningly brought to life through Danks’ artwork.

Additionally, the second issue has eight pages of extras from Gibson and Danks, featuring background and artwork from the pair. Plus, there’s the chance to get free digital copies of Raven #2 and #3, which feature Vince’s Sapphire strip and the first published appearance of Mad Girl, another Gibson and Danks series we’re hopefully seeing later in the year.

It hit its modest target within the first few hours and is now onto all those lovely stretch goals. Prints, bookplate, original art from the series, specially commissioned Danks paintings – and of course, for those of you who missed out on that first issue, there’s the chance to add that on – because you really should.

The Kickstarter for issue 2 of Gravestown is up at Kickstarter now and runs until 19th February.

And yes, I know Kickstarter’s business practices might be – at best – dubious, what with the union problem and their recent switch to blockchain, but the problem is one of support the art, hate the delivery medium. For so many creators who can only be making great comics through crowdfunding, the KS model is still the only way they can viably go. So, suck it up and support the talent.

One thing’s for sure, with Gravestown you’re getting a series that’s worth the pledge!

Gravestown print – art by Vince Danks – available at the Kickstarter
Gravestown bookplate with art from Vince Danks – from the Kickstarter
Emma – Arrival – one of the original Gravestown paintings by Vince Danks available from the Kickstarter

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