Pre-Alpha Test The Upcoming Fast-Paced Close-Quarters Battle Royale Game ‘Squad Battle’

by Gary Catig

Netmarble is looking to expand from mobile games and recently shared their very first TPS MOBA on Windows PC: Overprime. Now, they have announced their first battle royale third-person shooter for Windows PC called Squad Battle.

The title is a fast-paced game where players join a 3-player squad in a 20-squad battle, teaming up to survive in intense and creative close-quarters combat. There are a myriad of weapons and augmenters and a degree of customization where players can creatively personalize their combat style in order to win.

Squad Battle has a huge cast of characters to choose from, each with different backgrounds and motivations, and an assortment of unique melee and ranged options for different weapon combinations. There are also several items and upgrades on the field to boost performance. Finally, the presence of interactive objects, including zip lines and jump pads among other objects, provides another dimension of strategy.

To celebrate the announcement, Netmarble will kick off Squad Battle’s Pre-Alpha Tester recruitment for US-based players starting now. The pre-alpha is designed to show the game’s development process and to obtain feedback from testers on how to further improve the game ahead of its worldwide launch. Pre-Alpha testing will last from February 16 – 20, and from 5pm PT/8pm ET to 9pm PT/12am ET each of those days.

Specific details on the Pre-Alpha Test are as follows:

  • Pre-Alpha Test Period (Available for 4 hours per day)
    • February 16 at 5pm PST/8pm EST – February 20 at 9pm PST/12am EST
  • Pre-Alpha Test Registration Period
    • January 26 at 6pm PST/9pm EST – Until the Pre-Alpha Test Period’s end
  • How to Register for the Pre-Alpha Test
    • Search for “Squad Battle” on the Steam Store
    • Click the “Request Access” Button
    • Applicants will be granted as a tester starting on February 14 at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST
      • Applicants who are granted as a tester can download Squad Battle’s Pre-Alpha test build in advance via Steam Library
      • Players can still apply and receive access while the Pre-Alpha Test is in progress
    • Players will receive an email once access is granted to the Pre-Alpha Test

More information can be found at Squad Battle’s official YouTube channel, Steam page and Discord.

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