AHOY Comics Announces The Return Of Punk Rock Horror ‘Black Myth’

by Olly MacNamee

Eric Palicki and Wendell Cavalcanti’s Black Myth is to return for a sequel later this year from AHOY Comics. An  all-new series, focussing on an all-new case. This time, a missing person:

“In the upcoming series, the son of the mysterious Rainsford Black has gone missing while searching for a grimoire dating to the 1600s which would allow him to summon demons to hunt and add to the elder’s growing collection of trophies. Now it’s up to Strummer and Ben to find him — but as always, the case is less clear cut than it seems on the surface.”

Black Myth Volume 1

Eric Palicki says more:

“Our first story belonged to Strummer and Ben, but we called the book Black’s Myth for a reason, and we have so much more of Rainsford Black’s story to reveal. What compels him to hunt (and collect) monsters, and what kind of case could possibly bring Strummer back into his orbit? Volume 2 promises answers, along with the return of everyone’s favorite Minotaur.” 

Wendell Cavalcanti adds:

“Werewolf, Djinn, vampires, Minotaur, Los Angeles, the Dodge Charger, and Grim — attaboy! I missed you guys. Here we go again!”

Plus, the latest Black Myth series will feature covers by Liana Kangas (Trve Kvlt, Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy, BLACK AF: Devil’s Dye).

More when we get a firm release date.

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