Webcomic Weekly: John Cei Douglas’ ‘The Tree’ Is A Beautiful Slice Of Folklore

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – the idea’s simple… something wonderful online every seven days. And no, it’s not the first time we’ve seen John Cei Douglas‘ name on Webcomic Weekly and, so long as he keeps making beautiful comics like The Tree, it won’t be the last…

Last time it was Some Types of Dogs, a whimsical thing about, well, dogs. And of course, I’ve already told you just how beautiful and affecting his debut graphic novel, All The Places In Between, was, describing it as “beautiful, drifting, emotional work from a great British comic maker. A stunning example of how powerful comics can be, even when they’re as quiet and restrained as this.”

Well, The Tree, popped up on John’s Facebook at the end of January, and it’s every bit as wonderful as all his comics work is, each and every time I’ve seen it.

The Tree is simple folklore, just 10 short pages long, but no less powerful for its brevity. When two women are forced to leave their town, they establish their own little sanctuary, “on the edge of the forest, near the tree.”

You can read pages 2-5 below, they’ll give you an idea of the quiet, thoughtful tone of the piece and give you an idea of where it’s going. But, as with all of John’s work, it’s the quiet beauty of The Tree that will stay with you.

You can find more of John’s beautiful, quiet work at his website, no doubt The Tree will be up there in time but for right now head to his Facebook for that one.

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