Tom Sniegoski And Jeannine Acheson Return To The Vampiverse With ‘The Vamp’

by Erik Amaya

Writers Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson are planning another trip to the Vampiverse this June.

Dynamite Entertainment announced Monday that the pair will be joined by artist Daniel Maine for Vampiverse Presents: The Vamp. The one-shot comic will focus on the noir variant of Vampirella. Although the Vampiverse miniseries established her as a mysterious crime fighter in a 1930s pulp world, her origins remained hidden. The Vamp will reveal some of those details, like how she earned her reputation and became the scourge of all things evil. It will also unveil a surprising connection to that universe’s Cult of Chaos.

“The Vamp was definitely one of the characters that stood out to us as we wrote the Vampiverse mini-series,” Acheson said in a statement. “She was one of the more ‘fleshed-out’ Vampirellas — taking on a life of her own as soon as she appeared — so Tom and I are really excited to re-visit her in this issue!”

Sniegoski added, “I’m a huge fan of the pulps (The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider) and getting a chance to write a Vampirella with that kind of crazy, over-the-top storytelling is something that I can’t wait to do …. there’s even a talking orangutan butler, for Pete’s sake!”

The one-shot is supported by covers from Jimmy Broxton, German Garcia, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon. A blank sketch cover will also be available.

Vampiverse Presents: The Vamp is scheduled for release in June.

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