DC Comics ‘Pride’ Anthology Returns For Pride Month

by Olly MacNamee

Very much an annual publication now, DC Comics presents its Pride anthology – DC Pride 2022 –  coming from the following creators and more:

  • Alysia Yeoh and Batgirl by Jadzia Axelrod and Lynne Yoshii
  • Aquaman/Jackson Hyde by Alyssa Wong and W. Scott Forbes
  • Green Lantern/Jo Mullein by Tini Howard and Evan Cagle
  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Dani Fernandez and Zoe Thorogood
  • The Ray by Greg Lockard and Giulio Macaione
  • Superman/Jon Kent by Devin Grayson and Nick Robles
  • Tim Drake by Travis G. Moore
Main cover by Phil Jimenez and Arif Prianto

DC Pride 2022, will include all-new stories spotlighting LGBTQIA+ DC charcaters over 104-pages and in Prestige format comic. It will have an introduction by activist, actress, and real-life superhero Nicole Maines (including a teaser for her upcoming DC project). This special one-shot will be available on Tuesday May 31st.

Variant cover by Jen Bartel

Ccontributors also include from J. Bone, Ro Stein and Ted Brandt, Samantha Dodge, Brittney Williams, and others; and new pinups by P. Craig Russell, J.J. Kirby, and more.

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