Art For Art’s Sake #147: We Gots All The Comic Art For Ya!

by Richard Bruton

Welcome, welcome, one and all – it’s time for Comicon’s Art For Art’s Sake again – taking a weekly look at the best of the art on the Internet. Strap yourselves in and enjoy…

In response to the Moon Knight TV series we’re getting next week, Bill Sienkiewicz put up this great Neal Adams piece responding to his early work…

Chris Rodenhurst – Miss Marple and the Whisperer in the Darkness – oh, I would love to read this comic!

Jamie McKelvie – ALL the Iron Mans:

My cover for Iron Man #17. This is, as far as I’m aware, every suit he wore in an Avengers comic (because we’ve hit the 750th issue of Avengers. That was a lot of research for a variant cover.

Richard Piers Raynor – John Constantine

Nicole Goux:

I’ve been doing some book covers for things I read last year.

Lane Lloyd – Harley and Ivy –

Iain Laurie – More Batman

Sebastian Piriz – DD

Enrico Marini – ‘LUPIN 3 watercolor just for fun. Tribute to Monkey Punch

Stephen Mooney – Rocketeer

Joshua Hixson – Deadpool commission

Tom Reilly – The Thing is/does Rocky

Andi Watson – Hellboy

Geof Darrow – Bourbon Threat

The Authority By Bruce Timm

DaNi – Misty meets Judge Hershey

Steven AustinScream meets 2000 AD – commission

Some fabulous Don Heck work on Danger from 1953

Rich Burchett

Javier RodriguezDefenders

Lee Weeks – Spidey

Shawn McManus – commission of Pog, the beautiful Walt Kelly inspired character from Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing #32

Mike Ploog – a little monster action


Missed this earlier in the year – but it was the first Peanuts Sunday strip in January 1952 – from the genius that was Charles M. Schulz – and here’s the first 4 –

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