The Brawl To End Them All: ‘Hulk Vs. Thor- Banner Of War’ Trailer

by Brendan M. Allen

Donny Cates is currently taking two of Marvel’s most iconic characters on transformative journeys in the pages of Hulk and Thor. And next month, the acclaimed writer will smash both sagas together in an all-new epic: Hulk Vs. Thor- Banner Of War. Hitting just in time for the two heroes’ 60th anniversaries, this five-part crossover will kick off in Hulk Vs. Thor- Banner Of War Alpha #1 before exploding in the pages of both Hulk and Thor’s solo titles throughout May and June. 

Tackling ongoing mysteries from both series and featuring artwork by Martin Coccolo and covers by legendary artist Gary Frank, the story promises to deliver Thor and Hulk’s most glorious battle yet and the showdown will have a shocking impact on both characters’ futures.

In the aftermath of the opening arc of Hulk which saw the debut of Titan and the “God of Hammers” arc that ended with the death of Odin, both Bruce Banner and Thor Odinson have both undergone massive changes, but one thing remains constant — their heated rivalry. When mysterious circumstances bring them into conflict once more, will the God of Thunder be able to triumph against a Bruce Banner who can now control his rage? Get your first look at the fight that will go down in Marvel Comics history in the Hulk Vs. Thor- Banner Of War trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork.

“Well, I was a little surprised that Marvel approached me to write this, if I’m being honest. I’m mostly known for writing very small, very quiet, intimate comics, so I had to—ha!! Sorry. Couldn’t keep that up. Yeah, this is gonna be bonkers as hell, guys,” Cates said. “We’re going to break EVERYTHING! Happy birthday, Hulk and Thor! Hope you enjoy MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF VIOLENCE!”

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