The Prestige: ‘The Magic Order 2’ #6 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen finally reveal their prestige in ‘The Magic Order 2’ #6 with more than the odd sleight of hand that keeps readers on their toes. A big and bombastic finale with more than the odd surprise.


Like any good magician, Mark Millar’s prestige –  his payoff in this final issue of The Magic Order 2 – delivers a shocking but satisfyingly surprise in the form of a character you may have thought deceased. But, like a women sawn in half, never believe what you see in front of your eyes. Although, like me, you will kick yourself when you do read this revelation as Cordelia and her couture of conjurors take on Viktor Korne and his Eastern European entourage do battle one last time. And not a moment too soon as the Lovecraftian creature, Othoul’Endu, breaks through to this dimension marking Viktor’s dominion over the world. Or that’s his plan anyway. But, you know what they say of the best laid plans of mice, men and magicians, right?

Soren and his clan have long held a grudge against the Magic Order. For a thousand years to be exact. Something finally covered in the opening ages of this grand finale with the downfall of Soren Korne. And it would seem that history os repeating itself once more in the present as characters crawl out of the woodwork to help save the day. But the members of the Magic Order are powerless against Viktor’s incantations. However, it would seem there is some logic to all this magic and where there’s rules and regulations, there’s always a loop hole. But, you’ll have to pick up The Magic Order 2 #6 to find out exactly what that get around is. It’s all part of the prestige though, and Millar has long ago shown he can pull literally anything out of the hat in the final issue of series he has written in the past. And there’s a lot being pulled out too, as Millar drawn lines through history, and other dimensions, to bring about an ending that’s dynamically vast in scale and execution. Thankfully, artist Stuart Immonen and colourist David Curiel more than up for the job of delivering a final that’s brash, bold and bloody. 

There’s only so nay ways you can continue to sum up Immonen’s artwork as nothing short of exceptional. I’ve been trying to find the right words with each issue I’ve reviewed in this six-issue run. From his eye for architectural detail to the way he conveys character motivation and movement, I can’t think of any one better to have filled Olivier Copiel’s shoes. 

It’s also a final issue that not only offers a good deal of closure but also finds the time to do some more world building too, setting characters and situations up for future volumes of this Harry Potter on drugs series (literally, when you think of the inclusion of Francis King!). In fact a good deal of the second half of this issue is focussed on these vignettes as we get one more slight of hand trick pulled off by Cordelia before catching up withe many of the cast from this series. Happy endings all round. Now that’s magic!

The Magic Order 2 #6 is out Wednesday 30th March from Image Comics.

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