‘The Rocketeer’ Launches On Zoop To Celebrate Its 40th Anniversary

by Brendan M. Allen

For the first time ever in the US, The Rocketeer is coming to fans in puzzle form. Launched yesterday on Zoop, The Rocketeer Trust is running a 30 day crowdfunding campaign to fund the production run of a 500 piece, premium quality puzzle featuring the character’s iconic “Bullseye” image.  This is in coordination with the 40th Anniversary of the character, as well as a Rocketeer Exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego, CA.

The Rocketeer’s creator Dave Stevens has influenced a generation of artists, and now fans can experience the character in this new puzzle format. Jennifer Stevens-Bawcum, the sister of Dave Stevens, and the trustee of the Rocketeer Trust is bringing this project to life on Zoop. She states “Having waited a long time to see a Rocketeer puzzle come to fruition, the “Bullseye” art was an easy pick for the first one!  The people at Zoop have been a pleasure to work with and they have outdone themselves in finding a quality puzzle company to fulfill this campaign!”

“We are beyond thrilled to work with Jennifer to honor the art and iconic character from Dave Stevens,” adds Zoop COO Eric Moss. “To be able to bring The Rocketeer to life in a fresh new way is incredibly rewarding, and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this puzzle!”

The iconic Rocketeer “Bullseye” art was created by Dave Stevens in 1982. It was featured on the back cover of the Rocketeer comic book’s first issue.  This Rocketeer puzzle features the talent of colorist Laura Martin and is a Zoop exclusive, high-quality item featuring 500 generously-sized pieces, making it easy-to-handle.  The pieces come in a mesh bag enclosed in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure. The puzzle measures 29-1/2 x 19-5/8 inches, 75x 50cm. 

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