Exclusive Video: Alan Moore Talks Authentic Characterization In BBC Maestro Storytelling Course

by Brendan M. Allen

Step into the inimitable and encyclopedic mind of ‘one of the most significant fiction writers in English’ and discover the art of storytelling. Alan Moore’s BBC Maestro writing course offers a rare opportunity to learn from a true titan of the industry who has worked across a wealth of genres and media. Storytelling shares unfiltered advice and unique insight from a true writing purist who values art, writing and story over everything else. 

In a Comicon exclusive clip from the series, the legendary writer discuses the importance of authentic, three-dimensional characters. Using the development of comic books, he traces how dimensionality in characters occur.

Alan Moore’s Storytelling course is currently available on www.bbcmaestro.com. The cost is $90 for lifetime access to Moore’s 33 lessons and comprehensive downloadable notes, with lessons including Imagination – Fire of the Gods, Fascinating Rhythm, Inventive Language, Becoming a Writer, Misdirection, and The Evolution of Writing.

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