Art For Art’s Sake 148: ‘Moon Knight’ Special

by Richard Bruton

Well, another Marvel TV series hit the screens this week – Moon Knight, so what better subject for an Art For Art’s Sake?

Gil Kane

Francesco Francavilla

Steven Austin

Rob Rogers

Tyler Kirkham

Alessandro Cappuccio –

Cory Smith

Skottie Young

Greg McNiven

John Romita Jr

Greg Smallwood

Becky Cloonan

Arthur Suydam

David Finch

John Cassaday

Jamie McKelvie


The Moon Knight character in the TV show owes a hell of a lot to Declan Shalvey’s Mr Knight interpretation…


And of course, it wouldn’t be something to do with Moon Knight unless we had some of who, for many, is THE classic Moon Knight artist… Bill Sienkiewicz



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