Advance Review: Vampires For Hire In ‘Blood Stained Teeth’ #1

by Tom Smithyman


What if a vampire were only in it for the money? That’s the intriguing premise of this new series, gorgeously drawn by Patric Reynolds, with the perfect color treatment from Heather Moore.


When it comes to horror in comics, vampires are hot once again. After giving up the title of most popular undead terrors in the wake of The Walking Dead and its many doppelgangers, the bloodsuckers have reclaimed their crown with titles like Little Monsters, Blood on Sunset and now Blood Stained Teeth.

Written by Christian Ward, Teeth quickly differentiates the two types of vamps: first born vampires, which can turn humans, and the Sips, the creatures who are turned. It’s kind of like a vampire caste system, with the OG Nosferatus on top and the Sips commanding a lesser stature.

Enter first born Atticus Sloane, a vampire for hire. He spends much of the premiere issue making money off of regular humans who want to be turned. If that sounds far-fetched, a quick story about a social media influencer who is turned will convince you otherwise.

Sloane’s capitalistic tendencies – and the byproduct of having lots of Sips running around – attract the attention of an elder first born, aptly named Brother Stoker. Stoker forces Sloane to clean up his mess by killing the Sips he’s created for profit. Sloane may be a piece of work, but it’s clear that Stoker is the true threat.

Artist Patric Reynolds depicts as surreal world – one that is necessarily always in darkness, but gorgeous, nonetheless. His style evokes Bill Sienkiewicz’s, which is one of the best compliments a reviewer can bestow upon an artist. A special shout out to colorist Heather Moore, who adds to the Sienkiewicz vibes while bringing to vibrant life what could otherwise easily have been a black-and-white story.

The notion of vampires for hire to create new Sips is largely a new one. In other words, this ain’t Blade. Of course, that makes what could be another tired take on the vampire mythos more fresh and exciting.

Blood Stained Teeth #1 will be available for purchase on April 27, 2022.


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