Jane Foster’s Thor Is Being Added To ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

by Sage Ashford

Marvel's Avengers Jane Foster

Although fans were promised a roadmap in early 2021, Marvel’s Avengers has been in a content drought since last December. But all that is about to change as the developers have confirmed that the Jane Foster/Thor is being added to the game. After Spider-Man and the game’s first raid released, the studio went quiet for months until the release of their 2.3 update, which brought Nick Fury to the game as an NPC along with some new quests and re-organization of the multiplayer campaign.

With all of that done now, Crystal Dynamics is hinting at what’s to come next in their game. The 2.4 update seemingly won’t have much to it, instead adding more balance improvements and the in-game events that have become common with the title. But with the 2.5 update, Avengers will get its first new hero (for all platforms) since Black Panther in August in Jane Foster.

Though the developers had promised the game wouldn’t have any echo characters before the game came out, obviously things have seriously changed. Now, they’ve mentioned Jane will play similar to the Odinson, but will have “elements that are distinctly Jane”, which likely means her own unique Heroics.

There’s no official release date for Jane Foster as of yet.

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