Spidey Working With Oscorp?! Find Out More In July’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

by Tony Thornley

Next week, a new era of Spider-Man begins with Amazing Spider-Man #1. But we’re already looking ahead to July, when Spidey makes an ally that no one expects.

The new volume of Marvel’s flagship series, from Zeb Wells & John Romita Jr., finds Peter Parker on the outs with all his friends, family and allies- from the Fantastic Four to Aunt May! It all points to one question- what did Spider-Man do? Well this new saga takes another turn in July as Spider-Man begins working with Oscorp in Amazing Spider-Man #7 & 8.

That new alliance means new gear, new clothes, and some familiar gadgets. I mean, “egg” bombs and a “spider glider”? Hmm…

Check out the design sheet for the new costume by Patrick Gleason, as well as the covers for both issues by John Romita Jr in the gallery above!

Be sure to pick up the first issue next week and pick up Amazing Spider-Man #7 & 8 in July!

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