Advance Review: Family Matters In `Rogue Sun’ #3

by Tom Smithyman


While we still haven’t seen the extent of superhero Rogue Sun’s powers, this issue introduces us to two more amazing villains, including a walking roadkill. Add in some family drama and you have the makings of a solid story that adds intrigue with each issue.


You think you have family issues?

Imagine being Dylan Siegel. His dad, the original Rogue Sun, died in the series premiere issue and is now trying to give superhero advice from beyond the grave, which Dylan is loath to accept. This half-sister is a know-it-all who has her own agenda. And Dylan is convinced his half-brother set up dad to be murdered.

It’s more the Addams Family than the Brady Bunch.

But it’s that intrigue and interpersonal conflict that drives the Rogue Sun storyline – and gives the title its punny name. Dylan wants nothing more than to be rid of the father that abandoned him and his mother, so he’s trying to figure out who set up dad so the ghostly apparition will leave him once and for all.

Writer Ryan Parrott and artist Abel propel the action and mystery in this fun tale. While the story is about the hero, it’s Able’s work on the series’ villains that shines. This issue includes the primordial Finnegan Root (think Swamp Thing only made from roadkill instead of plants) and the aptly named Demonika, who looks like could have been pried out of Spawn artist Greg Capullo’s imagination. It looks like Demonika will have a large role in the next issue, which should be a treat for fans.

If nothing else, the issue finally presents the first reliable way of incarcerating supervillains since the Phantom Zone. The creative team introduces readers to Dotty Perrine, a sort of warden who imprisons the baddies’ essence in diamonds, which she hangs from a chandelier. Dotty is a no-nonsense character who isn’t afraid to put angsty Dylan in his place. She’s a welcome addition to the series who makes a shocking discovery at the end of this installment to set up next month’s story.

Rogue Sun #3 will be available for purchase on April 27, 2022.

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