Image Comics Announces ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ By Actress Hannah Rose May, Declan Shalvey And Justin Mason

by Olly MacNamee

Actress Hannah Rose May (actress known for Shooter, Altered Carbon) is the latest actor given the chance to write their own comic with the announcement of Rogues’ Gallery from Image Comics. Helping her out and offering assistance will be artist/writer Declan Shalvey (Time Before Time) and artist Justin Mason (Spider-Punk).

Here’s what the budding writer said about this opportunity:

“Rogues’ Gallery is a very timely story that I felt compelled to tell. I wanted to explore what happens when fandom can turn into unhealthy obsession and where the line between reality and fiction blurs. Every superhero has an origin story and this is Maisie Wade’s. I’m very fortunate to have partnered with such an exceptional team on this series and incredibly excited to have my first book be published by Image Comics.”

Shalvey added:

“It’s been great to help guide talented newcomers like Hannah and Justin and help them make Rogues’ Gallery a reality. This book is an interesting look at where superhero media and superhero fiction meet, with deadly consequences. Hannah Rose May’s writing is razor sharp and expertly skews Hollywood culture, depicted brilliantly, moodily and excitingly by Justin Mason. Comics mainstays like Triona Farrell and Hassan Otsmane Elhou add their experience to really land this unique story.”

And here’s the synopsis for this ongoing:

“The Purge meets Scream in this pulse-pounding story that follows disenfranchised TV superhero actress Maisie Wade as she is terrorized by an unhinged group of intruders cosplaying her day job’s archvillains. If Maisie is going to survive the night, she’ll need to be the hero she has come to despise.”

Rogues’ Gallery #1 will be available on Wednesday, July 20th from Image Comics

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