‘Shazam! Fury Of The Gods’ Blinks; Moves To December 21

by Erik Amaya

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is moving again.

The time, the Warner Bros. and New Line feature is moving from December 16th to the 21st of that month, according to Deadline. The reason for the move may be related to Avatar: The Way of Water. The sequel just received a subtitle today at CinemaCon while producer Jon Landau and Disney recommitted to the 12/16 release date. It seems it was enough for the studio to blink and pull the DC film out of the way.

For sometime, the Avatar sequel and a DC film were due to go head-to-head at the box office. Previously, that DC picture was Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but that movie switched to 2023 due to a post-production scheduled issue which saw the entire DC film calendar shift. The Way of Water, meanwhile, quietly chugged on with production and will be ready for audiences in the holiday season.

Disney sure seems confident people will care about it despite Avatar releasing in 2009 and leaving little cultural impact in its wake. The original film started another wave of 3D films which has now subsided, but failed to take root in the collective consciousness the way Marvel, Star Wars, and DC have in the last thirteen years. But it is also possible the bet here is to create a proper franchise akin to those popular brands. Indeed, Disney put millions into a whole Avatar themed land in Disney World well before it even contemplated buying 20th Century Studios.

Of course, that’s all just the business side of things. For fans of movies, the later part of the year should be jam-packed and more akin to the pre-pandemic days. A nice chance should no further waves occur.

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