Art For Art’s Sake #152: When Moebius Went Marvel

by Richard Bruton

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this is Art For Art’s Sake, bringing you the very best of comics art for the week…

A few Howard The Duck pieces to begin with – first, Trad Moore

John PoundHoward The Duck Magazine #8

And some Marshall Rogers Howard…

Kevin Maguire – Blue Beetle commission

Chris Bachalo – Jubilee

Jack Kirby – Who Else!

A couple of Inhumans, first an Alan Davis

And then a classic Jae Lee cover

The Incredible Hulk #181 cover recreation by Art Adams

Annie Wu – Hela

A Greg Staples Dredd

Greg Hildebrandt – Blacksaad –

A couple of Fred Hembeck pieces –

And two Francesco Francavilla Winter Olympics pieces

Eric Canete – Iron Man

Tom Fowler – Big Barda & Mister Miracle

Mouse Guard by David Petersen


And we’ll end with a little bit of Moebius / Jean Giraud that came across my radar again this week. Back in the late ’80s Moebius had these seven stunning images released as posters from Marvel, giving us the French master’s unique vision of Marvel characters – all of them with his own unique spin. There’s a strangeness to the characters through Moebius’ eyes. His Spider-Man lurking in the darkness, the bizarre body language of his Wolverine perching, Daredevil screaming into the void, Iron Man’s armour that looks more organic than technological… all of it absolutely stunning.

And of course, in 1988 there was the two-issue Silver Surfer: Parable series written by Stan Lee with art from Moebius, such a strange collaboration in so many ways but one that also, against all the odds, worked to bring US and Euro comics together.




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