Adam And Lisa Murphy’s ‘Corpse Talk’ Gets Its YouTube Originals Debut

by Richard Bruton

One of the best strips in the Phoenix Comic, Corpse Talk, a wonderful historical comic that introduces readers to historical figures in a wonderfully accessible and funny fashion, gets its own YouTube Originals animation series.

Adam and Lisa Murphy have been bringing the dead to life for years now with Corpse Talk in the pages of The Phoenix Comic and in collections published by David Fickling Books, but now they’re bringing their unique takes on history to animation with a series of new animated shorts on YouTube Originals.

Over the course of the comic series, Adam’s interviewed so many dead famous names, shedding new light on their lives (and deaths) in a perfectly light artistic style – although, despite the overall tone of Corpse Talk being light and funny, there’s also been several episodes where the subject matter demanded something darker than usual, something the Murphy’s embraced perfectly.

It’s one of many Phoenix strips that could and would be perfect for animation and it’s almost been surprising that it’s taken so long for the first animated Phoenix strip to make it out of the gate. But now we get to see the delights of Adam interviewing all the dead famous guests up on YouTube…

The new series aired with two debut episodes, featuring Mozart and Cleopatra, on 13th May, followed by new episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Just as with the comics, artist and writer Adam acts as the interviewer to all of the dead famous subjects, but in the YouTube Originals animation, he’s voiced by Joe Sugg.

You can get to all the YouTube Originals here, but better to use this link for the actual episodes.

Find more from Adam and Lisa Murphy at their website, Instagram, Tumblr, Adam’s Twitter and Lisa’s Twitter.

Now, a little message from Adam & Lisa on how to make a really successful comic and links to the first couple of Corpse Talk episodes…

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