Final ‘Stranger Things 4’ Vol. 1 Trailer Gets “Bitchin'”

by Erik Amaya

Stranger Things finally returns on Friday, but Netflix still took the time to cut and release a final trailer for the first half of the season. And though it doesn’t offer too much in the way of coming conflicts, it certainly looks — as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) puts it, “bitchin'”

That phrasing will remind you that we are in the 1980s. It will also remind you of the show’s unique point of view on the era and its sci-fi horror trappings. In fact, it seems the show will lean harder into that then ever before. Meanwhile, it’s clear the kids will be quickly reunited after the Season 3 finale ripped them apart and, once again, it will be up to them to confront whatever emerges from the Upside Down. But will teen hormones and conflicts get in the way?

Stranger Things Season 4 debuts Friday on Netflix.

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