Preview: A Wave Blue World’s ‘Mezo: Battle At Coban Rock’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

A Wave Blue World has revealed a preview of Mezo: Battle at Coban Rock #3 (of 5), out July 6, 2022 from writer Tyler Chin-Tanner and artists Val Rodrigues, Gab Contreras, Varga Tomi.

‘In the land of Mezo, the Tzalekuhl Empire sets out to conquer all surrounding territories, disrupting the peace that has lasted for generations. Only Kyma, the daughter of a fallen chief who refused to yield, stands in their way with the aid of the mighty Huax’kin Warriors. 

All-out war erupts as Kyma leads the attack against the invading Tzalekuhl army. But will her thirst for revenge interfere with her mother’s well-planned strategy for victory? The odds swing in their favor when the hero twins arrive, and they’ve brought along the mighty creatures known as the Arbath’a to lend a hand.

Inspired by Mesoamerican history and legends, MEZO is a totally unique fantasy adventure driven by war, political intrigue, and ancient magic!’

“As the daughter of two rival chiefs, Kyma is the one person who can unite the tribes against the invading Tzalekuhl army,” says Tyler Chin-Tanner. “But she’s been waiting a long time to exact revenge against Phegor, her father’s killer, which clouds her judgement and compromises the battle plan. It’s a good thing some friends show up to help in the nick of time!”

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