Collect XV Angel In Latest ‘King of Fighters Allstar’ Update

by Gary Catig

The King of Fighters Allstar recently received another update that will provide more fun additions for players to explore — such as a playable fighter, battle cards, and in-game events.

Natural EX Angel, who appeared in The King of Fighters XV, is being added to the roster. Her fighter attributes include an [Extreme] Fighter’s ATK increase of 40% and a Critical DMG by 60%. In addition, her Special Skill deals poison DMG equal to 40% ATK every second (for 10 seconds) to all enemies.

New battle cards are available as well. For example, there is the Angel Special Card, which offers a Special Skill to the fighter when equipped. It raises ATK by 2%, Active Skill DMG by 4.5% and Critical DMG by 6%. Other battle cards include a card set for Angel, and option cards will also be added.

The new in-game events are:

  • New EX Rush Dungeon – Daily rewards include Rubies and Rare Enhancement Hammers, while new battle cards can be obtained at the Exchange Shop.
  • EX Angel and Leona Event Tower – Requires Natural EX Angel, BS Leona or 12 Leonap; players will have the opportunity to win Awakening EXP Mystery Box and Memory Mystery Box during this event.
  • XV Angel Event Codex – Rewards will be given after each mission is cleared. Players can receive KOF Purple Soul as a First-time Recruitment Reward for Natural EX Angel. Additionally, the Imprint Stone Selection Box will be available when each Awakening is reached.
  • Tower of Trials Expansion – High-tier levels have expanded from 60th Fl to 90th Fl. Players can battle various Boss Monsters and obtain multiple rewards such as Rubies, Dispatch Speed Up Ticket and Core Board Reset Item.
  • Additional Events: Players can participate in other events including Relay Roulette and Event Codex.

The King of Fighters Allstar is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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