‘The Scarlet Sisters’ Sets A September Debut

by Erik Amaya

The Scarlet Sisters has set its sights on a September release.

The Dynamite one-shot comic from writer Alex Segura and artist Emiliana Pinna, originally announced in April, returns readers to the Project Superpowers reality as the trio of heroines dish out their own special brand of vigilantism. Previously, Masquerade was a socialite on vacation with a last minute need for a masquerade ball costume. But she fails to head the shopkeeper’s warning that her hasty costume choice is possessed by the spirit of justice. She soon learns to enjoy the peculiar line of work, however. The Woman in Red, meanwhile, is one of the first masked female heroes in the burgeoning comic book medium. By day she is police detective Peggy Allen, but an ineffective justice system compels her to join the ranks of the costumed crimefighters. Lady Satan is the most mysterious of the trio. Her bright future and dashing fiancé were wiped out by a Nazi bombing, leaving her to dispense a sort of justice that borders on the supernatural.

But when a seeming cult infests their city, taking over the criminal element and the centers of politics — and one of their own allies is murdered — the Scarlet Sisters unite to deal with this new, mysterious foe.

“I’ve known [editor] Nate Cosby forever – since we both started in comics – and I’ve always wanted to work with him. His books always feature great characters, strong creative voices, and a level of quality I appreciate. When he asked me about pitching a one-shot in the Dynamite universe featuring the Scarlet Sisters, I was intrigued,” Segura said in a statement. “Emiliana and I have crafted a street-level, character-driven crime tale that will hopefully leave readers intrigued and eager for more.”

The one-shot is supported with covers from Lesley “Leirix” Li, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Jacob Edgar.

The Scarlet Sisters hits comic stands in September.

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