‘Wonder Man’ Series In Development With Destin Daniel Cretton

by Erik Amaya


At some point, it had to be Wonder Man’s turn, right?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton is developing a Wonder Man series for Marvel Studios and Disney+. Created by  Don Heck, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the character started out as an Avengers foe before eventually joining the team over 20 years later. Growing up the ne’er-do-well son of a rich industrialist, he eventually agrees to be a plant within the Avengers on the behalf of Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil. He decides not to sell out the heroes and pays for it with his life. But that wouldn’t be the end as Hank Pym managed to save his brain, after a fashion, and rejoins it to the body after many years, weird conflicts, and being used as the basis for Vision’s brain. He subsequently rejoined the Avengers and other iterations of the team across the decades. Somehow, he also found time to become an actor.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community veteran Andrew Guest will serve as head writer with Cretton expected to direct at least one episode. The project is, presumably, the one first whispered about when the director signed an overall deal with Disney to continue developing projects within and outside of the Marvel Studios environment. THR is unclear of the take, although previous reports indicated Cretton was working on a comedy series for Marvel. We’ll continue to presume the show will be on the lighter, funnier side considering Wonder Man’s ties to the West Coast Avengers and Hollywood. And should the series take place in Hollywood, it may set the stage for an Avengers team in the Pacific time zone.

As the newest series to be even hinted at, it will be some time before Wonder Man makes it to Disney+. THR suggests production will not begin until sometime in 2023.

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