The ‘Midnight Suns’ Rise In New Limited Series

by Tony Thornley

They’re the stars of Marvel’s next big game … and now they’re returning to comics. The Midnight Suns reunite this September in a new 5 issue series.

Writer Ethan Sacks is joined by artist Luigi Zagaria to tell the story of the newest incarnation of Marvel’s supernatural team. This latest series honors the past of the franchise while drawing in Marvel’s newest paranormal heroes — and a little bit of the upcoming game. 

Cover by David Nakayama

Blade, Kushala, the Ghost Rider — also known as Spirit Rider — Magik, Wolverine, Nico Minoru, and Zoe Laveau, the breakout character from Strange Academy, are the new Midnight Suns! A dark prophesy and apocalyptic new villains with horrifying powers the likes of which Earth has never faced before ordains this team of Midnight Suns to rise and tear @#$% up! But what does this new threat have to do with the Sorcerer Supreme’s past? And why is Strange Academy student Zoe Laveau number one on the Suns’ list? 

“As a fan of the original Midnight Sons, I am honored and stoked to continue that legacy, and I’m grateful to editor Tom Groneman for giving me the chance to dabble in this mystical corner of the Marvel Universe,” Sacks said. “We’re going to conjure up some wild otherworldly action to go along with some themes that have real world resonance. Having fallen in love with the team book concept on Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, I’m primed and ready to put this lineup of heroes through hell … so to speak.” 

“Seeing the first issue pages come in, I can also say artist Luigi Zagaria’s art is going to cast a spell over readers,” Sacks said of his collaborator. “It’s just stunning work. He’s at the top of his game.”

Be sure to pre-order the series, and pick up the first issue this September!

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