Nintendo Reveals Tons Of New Info On ‘Xenoblade 3’

by Sage Ashford

Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct for their upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3 featured over twenty minutes of new information, including a brand-new teaser trailer. While the story trailer introduces a bit more about the world of Aionios, including what seems to be the game’s main villains, the rest of the Direct digs deeper into the game’s world and systems.

Nintendo lists off much of the content being added to the game over at Business Wire. One of the biggest changes coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the addition of classes. Each character has their own class, and classes can be switched freely to match another member of the party, allowing them to specialize in attack, defense, or healing.

While the game will focus primarily on the main six characters, players will be able to add additional members to their party as they meet specific characters, known as “Heroes”. Each new hero has their own class that can be added to the list of classes the main party has available to them.

Scattered throughout the world of Aionios are different colonies, which allow the party to rest, craft and buy new equipment, and take on quests from the colony’s residents.

The Direct also detailed plans for an Expansion Pass, which will feature multiple waves of additional content, available for $29.99. New content will come in the form of new items and costumes, additional quests and characters, and a new story scenario.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 releases for the Nintendo Switch July 29th.

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