Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s ‘Eight Billion Genies’ To Become Amazon Feature

by Erik Amaya

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne‘s Eight Billion Genies is entering the Amazon development process.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Studios has picked up the rights to the comic book with the intention of creating a feature film. There is also the potential for a television series and other uses of the concept. Published via Image, the miniseries posits a world in which everyone has a genie who grants one wish. But as they are granted simultaneously, the world descends into chaos as competing desires become reality. The movie will presumably focus on the same set of characters featured in the comic, a group who meet in a dive bar just as most of the wishes across the world come true.

No creative participants are attached yet, but both Soule and Browne will serve as executive producers.

Considering the project has no writer, director, producer or stars, it may be some time before the film comes to fruition. Then again, these things can come together with freakish speed. Also of interest in this case is the push to make it a feature before going into a series or other forms. As we noted earlier today with the Paper Girls teaser, Amazon Studios and Prime Video seem interested in shaking up formats and release patterns. It is unclear how this will all work out, of course, but maybe identifying certain comics as better suited for features is a good first step.

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