Review Round Up: All Last Week’s Comic Book Reviews Rounded Up

by Olly MacNamee

Once again we round up all the past week’s comic book reviews for you to peruse at your pleasure. And, who knows, you may even be persuaded to pick up a title or two you may not have otherwise thought about buying.

Starting with one of our more prolific reviewers, Scott Redmond reviewed the following books:

  1. Knight of X #3 (Marvel)
  2. Immortal X-Men #3 (Marvel)
  3. All-New Firefly #5 (BOOM! Studios)
  4. Nightwing #93 (DC Comics)
  5. Catwoman #44 (DC Comics)
  6. Detective Comics #1061 (DC Comics)

Tom Smithyman reviewed…

  1. Public Domain #1 (Image Comics)
  2. Sins of the Black Flamingo #1 (Image Comics)
  3. Spectral: A Showcase of Fear (Kickstarter)

Meanwhile, Tony Thornley reviewed these comics:

  1. X-Men #12 (Marvel)
  2. Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4 (DC Comics)

Also this past week, Richard Bruton reviewed Lawless Book 4: Boom Town (Rebellion) and Benjamin Hall reviewed Transformers Beast Wars #17 (IDW).

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