Kickstarting Comics: ‘Flintlock Book 6’ – Bringing The 18th Century’s Antiheroes To Life

by Richard Bruton

The sixth volume of Time Bomb‘s flagship Flintlock series is fundraising on Kickstarter right now. IT’s time to get back to the adventures in the 18th Century once more!

Flintlock Book 6 – cover art by Gareth Sleightholme

Created by Time Bomb founder Steve Tanner and a selection of artists, Flintlock is best described as ‘an ongoing anthology of unique antiheroes in the 18th Century, with stories from crime to adventure to steam punk.’

The sixth volume of Flintlock hit Kickstarter on 30th June and the campaign runs until 1st August 2022. This new 68-page collection features the 28-page finale to the story of the titular Lady Flintlock by Tanner and series artist Gareth Sleightholme, along with returns from fan favourite characters like Peg Sparrowhawk, drawn by Carlos Angeli, and The Clockwork Cavalier, drawn by James Grey.

Lady Flintlock artwork by Gareth Sleightholme

Just like all previous volumes, the new collection features separate stories set across the 18th Century – pirates, highway women, samurai, and so many more, Flintlock has always given us a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, something that’s continuing with this sixth volume.

Lady Flintlock, the anthology’s titular anti-hero, takes place in the 1750s and details the shocking and thrilling exploits of the highwaywoman. But, with the events of the previous chapter it’s now time for her tale to come to a conclusion in the story finale.

In Sparrowhawk, we travel to 1790s Australia where there may well be a serial killer behind a series of accidental deaths for Peg Sparrowhawk to investigate.

And finally, back to 1780s London and The Clockwork Cavalier, where the City’s most notorious Bow Street Runner leads a raid on an illegal distillery in the seedy St Giles district that takes an unexpected turn.

“I’m delighted that so many people are enjoying the stories and the concept behind it. The previous five Flintlock books have all been successfully pre-ordered through Kickstarter and I’m hoping Flintlock Book Six will be equally well received.” – Steve Tanner

Lady Flintlock artwork by Gareth Sleightholme


As with most of Time Bomb’s Kickstarter campaigns, Flintlock Book 6 is not an all or nothing thing but more of a pre-order thing. The book will be printed in July regardless and available through retail in September. But the KS campaign gives readers the chance to get hold of extras and bonus material before then.

As for add-ons, all the previous Flintlock books, The Clockwork Cavalier one-shot, and the Dick Turpin graphic novella are available. There’s the chance to get a limited edition Flintlock keepsake box to keep the series in, with a design in keeping with the series, and there’s plenty of different tiers available for the digital and printed versions, a bookplate edition, and more.

Of course, one question that Tanner hasn’t answered yet is what might be happening to Flintlock the anthology once the Lady Flintlock series ends here in Book 6. All he said regarding that is that there is “Only one certainty: Flintlock Book Six changes everything.”


Flintlock Book 6 is a 68-page, perfect bound, black and white comic.

The Kickstarter for Flintlock Book 6 launched on 30th June 2022 and runs until 1st August 2022.

For more on Time Bomb, head for their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lady Flintlock artwork by Gareth Sleightholme
Lady Flintlock artwork by Gareth Sleightholme
Peg Sparrowhawk artwork by Carlos Angeli

Clockwork Cavaliar artwork by James Gray

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