Pirates Of The Hyborian Age: ‘Bêlit & Valeria’ #3 From Ablaze Publishing

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Seba Fiumara
Written by Max Bemis
Art by Rodney Buchemi 

See its true skull-cracking nature, its unrestrained  blood-splattering violence, mayhem, and sexuality!

Two she-pirates, one recently dead, and the other less than willing are all that stands between chaos and order.

The secret behind Bêlit’s resurrection is revealed! And it involves the gods themselves! But once the source of this miracle comes to light, a betrayal from someone close becomes imminent. Will the truth provide her with more power? Or be her doom?

Bonus material included: The original Robert E. Howard essay “The Hyborian Age”

Bêlit & Valeria #3 is out Wednesday 13th July from Ablaze Publishing

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