SDCC 2022: ‘Sweetie Candy Vigilante’ Makes Her Comics Debut In October

by Erik Amaya

Appearing first on the cover of Osaka Popstar’s album Ear Candy, Sweetie the Candy Vigilante will make her comic book debut in October’s Sweetie Candy Vigilante, according to Dynamite Entertainment. And to sweeten the deal, the first issue will also come with a code for a free MP3 of Osaka’s Popstar’s cover of The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar” — Sweetie’s favorite song.

Described as “an ethereal, charming, and beautiful relative of the mythical ‘candy man,” she is the product of writer Suzanne Cafiero‘s desire to “read a comic that has authentic New York City flavor infused with fantasy, horror, and dark humor.” The character might just be a little bit unhinged, but when she starts to notice her NYC community plagued by blight, decay, and dourness, she plans to sweeten up everyone’s disposition via “other-worldly powers, confectionary weapons, and a passionate heart.” Her first target is the Ice Cream Bunny. Now he runs a sweet shop that is also a mob front and that simply will not stand in Sweetie’s mind.

Cafiero will write the series with art from Jeff Zornow and a variant cover for the first issue by Josh Howard. Also joining the team as producer, editor, and art director is Osaka Popstar’s own John Cafiero.

“When John called us to publish the new comic series he’s produced, we were more than intrigued. He then sent us some of the art and story, as well the album, and we were floored at how great everything is and said yes immediately!,” Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said in a statement. “The mix of story and art is fantastic, and the fact that John is adding in an MP3 to the comic, is helping to grow the market in bringing his audience to comics retailers. We know the fans will love this, and to bring in more fans, is what any publisher wants for the industry, to grow it.”

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #1 is scheduled for release in October.

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