Talking With Scott Snyder About His Next Wave Of Titles Coming July 19th To ComiXology

by Olly MacNamee

Over the years I have found that sometimes, just sometimes, I click with some comic book professionals. And, I think I can honestly say that has been the case with Scott Snyder. So much so that in my recent catch up with him our initial chat seemed toslide into an informal interview without either of us really noticing.

In the following discussion we talked about the three new, and very different, comic book series debuting on comiXology tomorrow, Tuesday 19th July; the influences behind them, as well as Snyder’s main themes and idea driving each book, and working on creator owned titles such as Canary, Barnstormers and Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine. And so much more.

Do check out the interview in full and read up on my reviews for all three debut issues across the day tomorrow.


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