New Prose Novellas Set During The Apocalypse War Coming From 2000 AD

by Richard Bruton

A new three-novella series coming at you in August – going deep into the earth-shattering events of the Judge Dredd epic, The Apocalypse War!

In this new three-novella series, writer John Ware explores more of this iconic storyline.

Out on 10 August, these novellas – available in print and ebook editions – will tell the on-the-ground stories of the Judges of Mega-City One during the events of the epic Block Mania and Apocalypse War story arcs, originally brought to you by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Mick McMahon, Ron Smith, Steve Dillon, Brian Bolland, and the legendary Carlos Ezquerra.


Beginning in the days of Block Mania, when the powder keg of Mega-City One explodes with Block Mania, the series takes us into the Apocalypse War as the East-Meg One Sovs launch a devastating nuclear attack before an all-out invasion.

The three novellas, all written by John Ware, tell the stories from the ground as Mega-City One faces extinction at the hands of the Sovs!

#1: Pack Instinct

Open war in the streets as Block Wars takes hold and MC-1 explodes into chaos.

But although it seems like a typical block war, this is worse – much worse. Conflict spreads like a virus. This is Block Mania – and no one is immune, not even the Judges.

#2: The World Will End Today

Block Mania was just the start. The contamination of the city’s water has thrown the city into massive, bloody turf wars, but it is just a prologue – to all out nuclear attack and the invasion by the Sov forces of East-Meg One! Troops are on the ground, bombs are dropping, and Mega-City One is on fire. And the Judges are drawing the line.

#3: The Bloody Fist of Justice

A Mega-City devastated, half of MC-1 uninhabitable, with just small packets of resitance remaining in a seemingly-futile last stand before the might of the Sovs. Could this be the final night of the Apocalypse War and the twilight of Mega-City One? One man has another idea… Judge Dredd.

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