Adult Animation Revolution: ‘The Legend of Pipi’

by Tito W. James

A raggedy little cat named “Pipi” goes on a dangerous quest to rescue the Cat Kingdom’s princess after she is suddenly kidnapped by a horrifying beast.

The Legend of Pipi is another example of a stunningly produced independent animated cartoon. The rise of animation freelancers working from home possibly opens a door for more indie cartoon projects. The indie animation landscape is essential to grow the medium. While there are excellent programs on traditional Network TV they are creatively shackled by “standard and practices” and company “brand identity.”

While there are more creative risks taken on some streaming platforms they are also restricted by the all-mighty algorithm and getting lost in the sea of “content.” Indie animation provides a space for animators to express themselves, not for the sake of IP or toy sales, but for the simple passion of the animation medium. We’ve seen break-out hits on the web like Helluva Boss as well as potential rising stars with Murder Drones and Far-Fetched. Perhaps The Legend of Pipi will join the next generation of web animation.

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