Advance Review: Choosing Between Bad And Worse In `Rogue Sun’ #6

by Tom Smithyman


With our hero caught between battling parents, it’s time for tough decision-making. The consequences of that decision reverberate throughout this solid issue as well as likely across the rest of the series’ storyline.


Talk about impossible choices. In the latest issue of Rogue Sun, 17-year-old Dylan, aka our hero, is forced to choose between his two poor excuses for parents.

On the one hand, there’s Dylan’s dead dad, who is essentially haunting the teen from beyond the grave. Dad, the previous Rogue Sun, is trying to teach Dylan how to use his newfound powers. On the other hand, mom has sold her soul – to whom we’re not yet sure – in order to gain superpowers. Also, she just killed dad. It makes for an awkward conversation around the family dinner table.

Writer Ryan Parrott doesn’t make things easier for Dylan. His dad’s new family (can you blame him for leaving his first wife?) aren’t big fans. His step-sister sent a demo after him a few issues ago. As Dylan himself says, “With families like these, who needs enemies?”

Parrott has done a good job of moving the plot along and not letting anything drag. He’s also staying true to the characters he’s created. Despite being a superhero, Dylan is still a bully and a jerk to kids at school. Peter Parker he ain’t. Then again, who wants to see a cut and paste of every established hero?

Artist Abel continues to deliver as well. Although the supe makes his choice fairly early in the issue, Abel provides plenty of visual energy as Dylan deals with the consequences of his difficult decision. That is a testament to the abilities of the creators.

While Dylan’s ultimate decision may not be unexpected, it does represent a turning point in the young series. He is left largely alone with powers he doesn’t always understand or know how to use with a rogues’ gallery of baddies ready to take him out. It’s a strong set up for what comes next.

Rogue Sun #6 will be available for purchase on July 27, 2022.

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