Ethan Reckless Returns In ‘Follow Me Down’ OGN By Brubaker And Phillips

by Olly MacNamee

Partners in crime (noir), Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Pulp, Criminal, The Fade Out, and Kill Or Be Killed) are back with yet another original graphic novel starring troublemaker-for-hire Ethan Reckless in the forthcoming Follow Me Down from Image Comics. This makes the forthcoming graphic novel the fifth book in the Reckless series in less than two years.

“In the wake of the 1989 earthquake, Ethan takes a trip to San Francisco to search for a missing woman. But almost immediately, he finds himself going down a path of darkness and murder in a case unlike anything he’s faced before.”

Brubaker explains more:

“The Reckless books have not just been a runaway hit, they’ve also been a joy for me and Sean to work on—our great escape has been trying to bring some escapism and pulp thrills to our readers in these strange times. This time out, after letting Anna take the lead in the previous book, Ethan is back in charge, and… well, the book is called Follow Me Down so you can guess that things aren’t exactly coming up roses for him. But there are some big surprises in store here, that will punch our longtime readers in the guts a bit, I hope.”

Follow Me Down will be out on Wednesday, October 12th and in bookstores on Tuesday, October 18th from Image Comics.

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