Gotta Catch Them All– Introducing ‘Eldamon,’ Now Live On Kickstarter

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the table.

What happens when something akin to Pokemon somehow combines with a collectible aspect and a TTRPG supplement? You get Battlezoo Eldamon, a collectible tabletop RPG supplement for 5e and Pathfinder. This is currently available for pre-order from Roll for Combat on Kickstarter at this link.

You are probably asking yourself the same thing I was when I came across this content. What the heck is an “Eldamon”? They are playful ancient creatures, slightly out of phase with reality, who can meld into items, creatures, and locations. If you are saying “that sounds pretty cool” you and I are in the same boat.

Battlezoo Eldamon is appropriate for all ages and play styles. The game allows players to befriend over 160 unique Eldamon, catalog their unique abilities in their Eldadex, battle other players’ Eldamon, and even evolve their Eldamon into more powerful forms. If you are getting “got to catch them all vibes” you and I are still in this crazy little boat of ours.

What is really cool is that you can add them seamlessly into any PS or 5E roleplaying game, allowing any character, no matter their class, to interact and collect them without disrupting the established adventure. So your Ranger can now have an Eldamon battle in the middle of a dungeon against your Barbarian while they are camping down for the evening. 

While I have not seen the rules, what I have been able to find out is that they are fairly simple and a good way to introduce children to the roleplaying hobby but also deep enough to offer a variety of combinations for strategic players.

Mark Seifter, Roll for Combat’s Director of Game Design, was quoted as saying “I’m especially excited for the way that Battlezoo Eldamon is simple and accessible enough to play with your children while still deep enough to excite gamers of all ages, with a distinctive rotational playstyle encouraging you to use a variety of colorful special abilities. It’s easy to make a new Eldamon, and the core that makes the system work could be transferred to another RPG without too much trouble, not just 5e and Pathfinder.”

In addition, you can adopt an Eldamon plush of your very own to join you on all your journeys. Each Eldamon is huggably soft and incredibly detailed. At 8 inches tall, they are slightly on the smaller side for Eldamon in their pet form, the better to cuddle with of course. Initially, two sets are available for adoption. Of course, this can change, and additional plushies may be added depending upon stretch goals!

Head over to the Kickstarter and get started on your journey to befriend all 160+ Eldamon today!

And until next time… I am going to be working on a new guild of thieves who wear R’s and seek out Eldamon trainers so they can take their Eldamon for their own. It’s going to be great!

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