Preview: ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Trigan Empire’ Volume IV’ – The Reprint Collection Of The UK Sci-Fi Classic Continues

by Richard Bruton

Featuring Don Lawrence’s incredible painted artwork, The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume IV continues the epic saga.

Justifiably called one of the greatest British comics of all time, Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics are righting a great wrong in finally giving us a complete and truly beautiful collection of Don Lawrence‘s work on The Trigan Empire.

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire‘s fourth volume sees Lawrence take a sabbatical from the series to be replaced by the work of Miguel Quesada and Philip Corke. And although they certainly couldn’t ever match the brilliance of Lawrence’s work, they did continue the incredible high quality of the series.

The Trigan Empire – The Secret of Castle Doom – art by Don Lawrence

If you don’t already know of The Trigan Empire and Don Lawrence, be sure to head back and read some of our previous previews of the title.

Essentially, The Trigan Empire is a beautiful piece of retro-futurist sc-fi, featuring an epic saga of the world of the Trigan Empire, where futuristic machines sit comfortably alongside the stylings and ideas of the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece.

There’s a reason it’s always spoken of in such high terms by all and sundry – and with the Treasury’s reprints we’re finally seeing it get the collection it has always deserved.

The Trigan Empire – The House of the Five Moons – art by Don Lawrence
The Trigan Empire – The Outlaw Planet – art by Don Lawrence

The Rise And Fall Of The Trigan Empire – Volume 4

Written by Mike Butterworth, art by Don Lawrence, Miguel Quesada, and Philip Corke. Letters by the Don Lawrence Collection Studio (pages 5-112) and Simon Bowland (pages 114-240)

Originally serialised in Look and Learn #579-689 (1973-1975).

Published by Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics on 18th August 2022.

Now… a preview…



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