Superman Inspires: ‘Action Comics’ #1045 Reviewed

by Tony Thornley

Superman inspires. It there’s nothing else the Warworld Saga teaches readers, it’s that simple idea. As the war for the soul of those Mongul has imprisoned heats up, Action Comics #1045 points us to the best of the Man of Steel as his example causes a world to rise up.

Cover by Lucio Parillo

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Will Conrad, Brent Peeples, Lee Loughridge, Dave Sharpe, David Lapham, and Trish Mulvhill continue the war for Warworld.

Lightray, OMAC and Apollo are the thralls of Mongul. Now their friends and loved ones among the Authority have one hope to save them. Superman.

Superman stories can be simple, but they’re always better with layers. The Warworld Saga has been an action story about Superman fighting a war, yes. But every issue has had at its heart an understanding of who Superman is as a person. This is a story about the man who is the best of humanity, whose alien superpowers simply enables him to be something that we can aspire to.

That’s why I’ve stuck with this series despite overlong mythology, and through constant art changes. Sometimes the story ends up forgettable or confusing. But I stay with it because it gets Superman. Not enough writers are able to write Clark Kent with the nuance he deserves. This story about a rebellion against an alien warlord… It works because Johnson gets Superman.

Conrad and Peeples create a Warworld that is terrifying, while their Superman fits the themes the story tells. Visually it’s great, but without Loughridge’s colors it would never work. He makes solid house style art (which does its job and does it well) something much more. It’s a science-fantasy epic that I truly enjoy, even if it’s not perfect.

Meanwhile, the back up, with Lapham and Mulvhill bringing Johnson’s take on Metropolis to life works really well. It’s a Lois Lane and Supergirl story and it really shows what Metropolis is without Clark, but also what the city is at its heart.

Superman inspires and that’s what Action Comics has been all about.

Action Comics #1045 is available now from DC Comics.


Even when the series isn’t great, it gets Superman at a level that it elevates the story.

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