Advance Review: Searching For The Truth In `Seven Sons’ #3

by Tom Smithyman


With some topical writing, beautiful artwork and an appropriate shift in storytelling, this tale of religion meets capitalism seems to be firing on all cylinders. It gives new meaning to the term “true believers.”


Fanatical religion and truth don’t always go hand in hand. But when a would-be messiah starts a search for the facts behind his alleged godliness, things can get interesting. And deadly.

By the end of last issue, only two of the Jesi – seven children born to virgin mothers on the same day on different continents – are still alive. The remaining children of God, Pergi and Delph, are all part of a Christian movement that has all but subsumed every other religion. After an attempt on his life, Delph finds an opportunity to look into his own background and that of Richard Antipas, the leader of the massive movement. The results are likely to shake the faith of even the most devout followers.

Writers Robert Windom and Kelvin Mao are using the series as an opportunity to speak out against some of the sins they see in organized religion and even political movements. After the assassination of one of the sons, Ep, in the last issue, organizers use the tragedy as a fund-raising event. Antipas claims the Jesi was on his way to midnight Mass, when he was really at a nightclub. Art imitates life.

Jae Lee again provides the transcendent artwork for the issue. Lee’s style is so distinct, it’s virtually impossible to imagine anyone else drawing these characters. Not that we would want them to anyway. Once you see his artwork, you’re hooked. It may not be a religious experience, but it’s close.

With this installment, the series has shifted the story and its path forward. The timing is about right, so kudos to the creative team for recognizing the need to shake things up and start answering some of the mysteries it established over the past few issues. The truth is out there. Whether anyone choose to have faith in it is another story.

Seven Sons #3 will be available for purchase on August 17, 2022.

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