The War For The Zero Shard Concludes With New Covers For ‘Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War’ #5

by Tony Thornley

The war for the Zero Shard has drawn heroes and villains from across two universes into conflict through Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. On September 28th, the war ends and we have a first look at some of the issue’s variant covers.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #5 will depict the final battle between two universes for the ultimate power from writers Christos Gage and Donald Mustard, artist Sergio Davila, and cover artist Leinil Yu. Just like the rest of the series, the issue with have some stunning covers from Mustard, Ron Lim, Maria Wolf, Martin Coccolo, and Ryan Brown.

Each first print issue (physical copies only) of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War  contains a redeemable code to unlock a bonus digital cosmetic in Fortnite! Digital single-issue comic book purchases of Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War  do not include any redeemable codes for Fortnite in-game bonus rewards. The in-game items Marvel and Fortnite fans can look forward to unlocking withFortnite X Marvel: Zero War  #5 will be an exclusive new Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War  Loading Screen! Plus any fan who redeems all five issue’s codes (physical copies only) will receive a new bonus Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Outfit!

Check out all six covers, and pick up Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #5 on September 28th!

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