Review Round Up: All The Past Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

Another round of reviews to share with you all to give you some idea of whether any of this week’s new titles are diamonds or duff. And it’s quite the list we’ve got this weekend to get through too.

Scott Redmond reviewed the following titles:

  1. Iron Cat #3 (Marvel)
  2. Mile Morales: Spider-Man #41 (Marvel)
  3. Strange #5 (Marvel)
  4. Marauders #5 (Marvel)
  5. Robin #17 (DC Comics)
  6. Nightwing #95 (DC Comics)
  7. Catwoman #46 (DC Comics)

Tom Smithyman worked his was through the following titles:

  1. Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin #4 (Dark Horse Comics)
  2. Stranger Things: Kamchatka #4 (Dark Horse Comics)
  3. Minor Threats #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
  4. Sins of the Black Flamingo #3 (Image Comics)
  5. Public Domain #3 (Image Comics)
  6. August: Purgatory Underground #2 (Red 5 Comics)

I reviewed a fair few this week too:

  1. Avengers Forever #8 (Marvel Comics)
  2. Fantastic Four #46 (Marvel Comics)
  3. The Swamp Thing #16 (DC Comics)
  4. Beware the Eye of Odin #3 (Image Comics)
  5. Canary #2 (comiXology Originals)

And, finally, Tony Thornley reviewed New Mutants #28 from Marvel Comics and Benjamin Hall reviewed Mega Centurions: Mega No More #2 (Scout Comics)

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