Marc Guggenheim And Howard Chaykin Team Up For ‘Too Dead to Die’ Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Howard Chaykin (Blade, Wolverine) are teaming up for an original graphic novel, Too Dead to Die from Image Comics.

In the 1980s, Simon Cross was America’s top super-spy. In Too Dead to Die, he faces down today’s very different world and a past that has come back to haunt him, forcing him out of retirement for one final adventure.

The project achieves a longtime goal for Guggenheim, as he explains:

“Too Dead To Die is one of those ideas I’ve been thinking about for years before the Covid quarantine gave me the opportunity to actually write it. I started off writing “on spec” without any particular artist in mind. But ten pages in, I realized that all the images I was seeing in my head were illustrated by Howard, whom I had the good fortune to collaborate with on Blade and Wolverine. I was writing with Howard in mind without realizing it. Fortunately, Howard was amenable to coming aboard and I love how he’s brought Simon’s story to life. It’s very exciting to be getting Too Dead To Die out into the world after all this time.”

Chaykin added:

“Few things delight me more, professionally, at least, than collaborating with Marc Guggenheim. I had a great time drawing this Simon Cross adventure, and I can only hope every reader can share that delight.”

Too Dead to Die will be available on Wednesday, December 14th in comic book stores and in book stores on Tuesday, December 20th.

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