Signal And The Outsiders: Previewing ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ #19

by Olly MacNamee

Writers: Brandom Thomas, Zac Thompson, Joey Esposito, Chris Burnham, Brandon Easton
Artists: Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, Hayden Sherman, Mikel Janin, Burnham, Will Robson
Colours: John Kalisz, Dave Stewart, Jordie Bellaire, Nathan Fairbairn, Matt Herms
Letters: Steve Wands, Clem Robins, Clayton Cowles, Rus Wooton, Travis Lanham

“The Outsiders find the villain who has captured Duke Thomas’s mother.

Alfred’s star turn as an investigator continues.

A new murderer is plaguing the streets of Gotham City and Batman thinks it’s…a child?

And we see inside the mind of Two-Face as we never have before. All included in this epic new issue of Batman: Urban Legends!”

Batman: Urban Legends #19 is out Tuesday 13th September from DC Comics

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