ComiXology Announces New Horror Comedy Comic ‘Census’ From Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman And Sebastián Piriz,

by Olly MacNamee

Comixology Originals announces Census, a new five-issue horror comedy comic book series co-written by Eisner award-nominated writer, TV producer and podcaster Marc Bernardin, writer, TV producer and director Adam Freeman and art and colors by Sebastián Piriz, lettering by Bernardo Brice and edits by Sarah Litt. And the debut issue is out tomorrow, September 13th online.

“Liam Malone is a poly-sci major with a minor in communications who’s searching for his first real job. While riding the bus in NYC he sees a sign that says “Good pay, flexible hours, no experience necessary” so he heads on over for an interview and gets a job working for the Census Bureau. But he quickly learns this is no ordinary Census Bureau, it’s the Otherworld Census Bureau and he’s got to count and register all of the demons, djinn, changelings, and other supernatural beings living in New York.

In Census, Liam embarks on a terrifying yet humorous adventure as he goes door to door and learns that to get the job of a lifetime, sometimes you have to sell your soul. This job might just cost him his life.”

Bernardin elaborated:

“I was born in New York City, and it always feels like a place that has more doors than people. And behind each of those doors is someone’s story. Many of those stories are mundane and average, I’m sure, but others might be wild and magical and dangerous. As New Yorkers, Adam and I figured this was the perfect canvas to place a coming-of-age tale about a pathetically apathetic slacker who learns a bit about the real world and his place in it.”

Freeman added:

“We love turning genres on their heads, so it was a blast to bring our sense of humor to the supernatural and mythological sandbox – all set within the diverse cultures and boroughs of our native New York City.”

Piriz followed up:

“I had a great time bringing Marc and Adam’s super detailed New York to life and populating it with monsters and creatures from all around the world. Lots of the pages were like a gift from the writers encouraging me to have fun. I can’t wait for readers to see it.”

And Bryce Gold, Comixology Originals Lead had this to say about Census:

“Census brings a hilarious new spin to the monsters, mayhem, and mundanity of office life in New York City,” says Bryce Gold, Comixology Originals Lead. “It’s such a pleasure to continue to work with Marc and Bernardo on their new series with Comixology Originals, and a pleasure welcoming amazing fresh faces to the creative crew with Adam, Sebastián, and Sarah.”

Census #1 is out Tuesday 13th September from comiXology Originals, at no additional cost for members of Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and Comixology Unlimited.

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