Advance Review: ‘Mega Centurions: Mega No More’ #3 Regains Quality

by Benjamin Hall


A past foe of the Mega Centurions comes to call. At the same time as this former opponent espouses a warning mysterious stranger is tracking them. Can the Mega Centurions trust their former enemy? Even if they do what good are they to the world without powers?


Writer Jon Parrish does a great job at making the characters seem realistic in their conversations. It is arguable that in this issue the expositional parts of conversations don’t feel that way. Meaning that Parrish accomplishes exposition in a way that extends naturally from a conversational topic. However, Parrish does seem to slow the plot development with this particular issue. Yet, there is still enough plot progression that the apparent slow down is far from being a bad thing. Nevertheless, it may dim the excitement a few readers will have for the next issue.

Mega Centurions: Mega No More #3 cover art by Dexter Wee, colors by Kate Carvajal, and trade dress by Sean Callahan

Letterer Cristian Docolomansky does a fantastic job at integrating Parrish’s words onto each page. Docolomansky places most of the anchors in a way that also draws attention to the characters. Not to mention the lengths between the characters and the anchors work well enough to connect while timing speech delays. It is also worth mentioning that Docolomansky also uses color as an additional effect for certain balloons. These balloons are also notable for having a different font and irregular design.

Production artist Sean Callahan does a fine job with the credits page’s look. However, the color of some of the text is rather glaring when read on a digital device.

Artist Dexter Wee and colorist Kate Carvajal provide most of the visuals. When it comes to the art Wee does a good job with pacing the action scenes. Also the sequencing of panels is logical in execution. However, Wee does fail to add lips to certain faces which results in all teeth reactions. As for the coloring, Carvajal uses a more extravagant palette for flashback scenes. This is still helping display a nice visual contrast between the past and present day scenes. Lastly, the cover displays how the present day scene color palette works while showing confident line work.

Mega Centurions: Mega No More #3 will see release by Scout Comics on September 28th.

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